CMO & VP Marketing

Stockholm CLX Communications Last application: 2019-03-30

CLX is a highly successful, global, CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) company providing messaging, voice and video solutions to enterprises and partners using web service APIs.

CLX has been profitable from the start and has continuously grown its business both organically and through acquisitions. Teamwork and outstanding customer service is a vital part of our value proposition, and we are now getting ready for our next exciting journey as we expand our product portfolio and geographical footprint while strengthing our strategic customer, partner and developer engagements.

We are riding on a very strong trend that customer communication is moving into the cloud and companies are building programmable interfaces for mobile communcation into their customer engagement processes. Our services can be used by a vast majority of all the worlds companies. This part of the market is already a multi-billion dollar market and growing with estimated 40% to 50% / year.

With a revenue of close to 4bn SEK, and highly profitable, we are one of Sweden’s largest SaaS/Cloud companies. We are publicly listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. We have grown revenue from 0 to 4bn SEK in 10 years and have never needed to bring in external capital except to finance M&A. We have always been profitable.

Majority of our revenue is generated in North America and we successfully serve the worlds most demanding enterprises – serving 8 of the top 10 largest US IT/internet companies.

Marketing has not been a priority for CLX until the Mblox acquisition in 2016 when their marketing unit became the group Marketing function at CLX.

Earlier in 2018, CLX acquired Vehicle Agency a full service digital agency and industry leading “personalized messaging” player who specializes in “dynamic video” content to operators and enterprises in the US. This is in an effort to diverisfy our product portfolio as well as move into consulting services.

The opportunity to leverage assets we have in combination with our high growth ambitions for the future represents a unique opportunity to be part of shaping the future of our great company and help it become even greater as enterprises increase their focus on customer communication via cloud communication and mobile first strategies.

The CMO & VP Marketing, and her/his team, will be instrumental in driving growth , evolving our brand positioning, driving marketing strategies and tactics to drive lead generation and conversion. The leader will be an integral part of the enterprise leadership team working especially closely with our three regional sales teams, product mgmt, developers and investor relationships at a group level.

The person will also support the operator division, thereby responsible for all the marketing at CLX, and be a key stakeholder to CLX leadership team as well.

Sales and Marketing working closely together will be a crucial success factor. Marketing will need to drive demand by supporting sales through its own enterprise sales organization, our partners and by driving leads through our Inside Sales organization.

Working closely with the Product Marketing and Engineering organizations to iteratively improve and market our offerings to ensure product market fit will also be essential.

The team will be focused on marketing towards leading digital native companies across the world, digital adopters in various vertical segments, developer communities, partners either reselling our services or providing additional capabilities for specific verticals.

The main objectives for the role will be to;

  • Drive growth
  • Make enterprises and developers sign up for CLX self service offerings
  • Generate a strong lead funnel of sales targets to SalesContinously optimize the funnel - measure and drive improvement in conversion rates, churn and the cost of acquisition of new customers etc
  • Continously work in cross functional teams with R&D and Product to evolve CLX offering
  • Position CLX as a global leader within the CPaaS indutry
  • Lead the development and evolution of the CLX brand

The main areas of responsibilities are:

Content Marketing

The role will need to understand and address target audiences interests and concerns, and publish content in a variety of powerful forms, in the appropriate channels, with compelling and relevant content that moves the audiences, and thereby drives lead generation and long-term loyalty.

The targeted audiences are existing customers (digital-native enterprises, enterprises in prioritized verticals, partners, and aggregators) as well as new prospects (new customer segments, influencers, and new targeted vertical markets).

The role will need to create and market engaging content focused on the business benefits for enterprises in target segments to use cutting edge mobile communication technology. Examples of such business benefits for our existing customer are “churn reduction”, “reduction in no show rates” or “transportation cost reduction”. Content of success cases proving such business benefits is to be marketed to the relevant segments.

In addition, enterprises are gradually building their own development organizations and the developer community is a growing target of importance. The developers need to find us, download and test our SDKs and start testing our services when they are building customer engagement solutions for their company.

We need to effectively market our “APIs as a Product,” by successfully creating tutorials, code examples, developer videos, etc. We need a healthy developer community and be present at the relevant forums such as Reddit, StackOverflow, GitHub.

The team will also drive the launch of new programs including launches of new offerings, going into new markets, and evolving overall brand positioning.

Growth Marketing

This role will be responsible for the full spectrum of growth marketing activities. Funnel optimization, campaign creation, digital marketing strategies, data insight gathering and analytics, social media campaign planning and execution, SEO, SEM, optimizing digital content, drive conversion with CRM and optimize our inside sales efforts are part of the responsiblities. The marketing teams will work in cross functional growth teams alongside with developers, designers and product management staff to iteratively improve our products and tune the marketing KPIs. We will consistently listen to market feedback to optimize Product Market Fit.

The role will be responsible for marketing our products, solutions, and services digitally online / mobile. It will manage manage our website, marketing technology tools, digital channels etc and optimizing marketing spend for solid ROI will be key. This role will need to further drive value to ensure that key influencers internally as well as externally at the appropriate social media channels are being regularly active.

The role will need to pull out actionable insights from key metrics to track each behavior across multiple channels and in response test various campaigns and marketing tactics to achieve better engagement and conversions. This would include tracking the number of resources published (eBooks, case studies, infographics, white papers, webinars, press releases etc.) and measuring the impact of each asset of the business, such as website traffic, downloads, Leads, MQLs, etc., and track how much traffic converts into leads over various product lines.

Events & personal messaging marketing

The role would be responsible for building personalized campaigns using email, and other channels, in order to create dynamic experiences that guide the potential buyer along his/her journey to purchase by incorporating great content at the right time, integrating social marketing, and tapping into the right metrics to create engaging messages.

Brand Strategy

This role will lead the defintion and developmentthe overall CLX brand strategy. Key to success will be leading the positioning and definition of CLX brand and services. Having a deep understanding of the global market, our products, competiitors, clients and partners will be essential.

Public Relations

CLX has successfully grown from $0 to $400M with minimal external marketing efforts. We are one of the global leaders in this industry, and we need to position ourselves as that. Given how much our services affect customer engagement metrics there are tremendous opportunities for PR. We are looking for a person to lead these efforts. Key target groups are US tech media (to drive customer growth) and Swedish financial and general media (for recruitment and investor relations)

Qualifications and Experience

  • An entrepreneurial business leader who enjoys building high growth and innovative businesses which contribute to real disruptive change together with other key stakeholders.
  • Strong experience from growth marketing roles having worked digitally successfully of using and analyzing data, turning insights into digital marketing actions, leading to lead generation and conversion using CRM with proven experience.
  • Strong experience from creating and marketing engaging content that moves and attracts target audiences
  • At least 10 years experience in leading a marketing team in high growth, global, b2b tech sector company with strong experience from aaS business and digital marketing driving large part of funnel generation.
  • A deep understanding of internet / telecom communications would be an added bonus
  • Strong understanding of key KPI’s and Metrics that are used to measure the effectiveness and ROI of marketing that is more and more going digital
  • Experience in rolling out and maintaining an effective marketing technology stack e.g. Salesforce, Pardot, etc.
  • A passionate leader that develops high performing international teams and individual contributers, works well with others, and is an excelellent communicator.
  • A keen eye for design and branding
  • Experience running large customer events and attending large industry events
  • A track record on placing key ideas into the mainstream press
  • A creative mind, able to cut through the noice with innovative campaigns that draw wide attention.
  • A degree in marketing / journalism or technology

Location: Stockholm, Sweden (prefered, either local hire or on assignment from likely the US), London, or Atlanta/US